TESLA Iron Project

Located in Northern Quebec, the project covers to historically drilled iron occurrences, 8 kilometers apart, with historic values reported. Highlights after review by technical person, 420+ million tonnes drilled in 1950's, see all disclosure at this page.

Crazy What Love Can Do Copper Project 46+% Copper historic grab from Chalcosite- Quebec

four former copper mines (Memphremagog Mine, Shefford Mine, Logan Mine and Goldspring Mine), a copper-gold showing (Bowers) and a historic gold occurrence (Claim Labonté), all approximately 100 km east of Montreal.  Highlights of the Sedimentary hosted copper of historic Shefford Mine copper mine and the other historic occurrences that form this project can be viewed here ,

Galaxy Lithium

Infinity Stone owns ground that cover historically plotted pegmatitic bodies in Quebec.

Frontier Lithium PAK deposits area

From March 2022 news release, the Infinity Stone owns ground adjacent to Frontier Lithium with historic Government of Ontario map showing plotted pegmatitic bodies on Infinity Stone ground. See the disclosure here at this page.

TSX-LiFT adjacent ground

Infinity Stone owns ground adjacent to TSX-Lift Yellowknife Lithium Project known as the Shorty dyke.

TSX-PWM adjacent ground

Infinity Stone owns ground adjacent to TSX-PWM in Ontario.

THOR Manganite

Historic Manganite occurrence in Quebec, with historic drilling, historic shallow shaft and underground workings.

Ground in area of TSX-DEFN, Defense Metals Corp., and CSE-NTMC, NeoTech Metals Corp., in British Columbia.

Quebec Rare Earth Historic Occurrence

Historic Rare Earth Occurrence located in Northern Quebec.

Technical Information published on this website is taken from news releases issued by the Infinity Stone Ventures Corp., with a Qualified Person reporting in those news releases the technical information as per 43-101 and Regulatory Authorities guidelines. The Qualified Persons reporting the information in the past that is published on this website are Cse Lewis, P.Eng, and Isabelle Robillard. of Aurora Geosciences P.Eng or Aurora Geosciences P.Geol.